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WARNING : THIS PICTURE IS NOT SUITABLE FOR THOSE UNDER 18. From Left to Right Bernie Shevlin, Chris Dean, Joan Price , Tony Sethi & Chris Webster.





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Nov. 18th 2017 at Cheadle Guild hall for the Animal Welfare Society

  It may interest readers of this website to know that what we have recently raised.

 1500 Pounds  at the Oct '04 Gig for Cancer research thanks to the organiser Sarah Aktar.

 2000 Pounds  at the Alton Gig  - Jan'05 for the Donnan Louise Trust thanks to the organisers Steve & Pauline Ballard.

1400 Pounds at the Gig at the Guild Hall on March 19th for the Tean Village Hall thanks to the organisers Fay & John Burney.

2000 Pounds   at the Gig at Guild Hall on Oct 18th 2005 for the Home-Link mini-bus thanks to the organiser Helen Edwards.

3500 Pounds   at the Madeley Village Hall on April 20th 2013 for the NSPCC  - organisers included  Debbie Lloyd and Sandra Derbyshire 

1000 pounds    at Trentham memorial Hall on Feb 7th 2009.

2800 pounds  at Oswestry for Cancer   - private gig.

500 Pounds       at the Gig at Checkley Village Hall on Sept 1st 2007 for "The Breath of Life".

1000 pounds    at the Guild Hall on April 21st 2007 for "Team Challenge" where a group of
                          youngsters go to Venezuela  for projects and a week's Charity work.

300 Pounds   at the Private Gig at Eccleshall  - towards a Cancer Charity

1500 pounds      for Chernoble Children's Project at Whiston Village Hall on Oct 7th 2006. 

2000 Pounds   at the Gig on April 1st at Alton Village Hall for the Donna Louise Trust thanks to the organisers Steve &  Pauline Ballard.

3000 pounds     at the Gig at Cheadle Guild Hall on Nov 11th 2006 for the new Scanner for Cheadle Hospital thanks to the organiser Angela Cope.

550 pounds     Raised at Cheadle Guild Hall on Nov 10th 2007 borganised by Rotary and they are giving 500 pounds to Home-Link in Cheadle.

3150 Pounds     Raised at Whitmore Village Hall on October 2nd 2010 for the NSPCC 

1000 pounds  Raised at a Gig at West Midlands Golf Club for the Air Ambulance in October 2011

2200 pounds  Raised in November 2012 at the Guild Hall Cheadle for Cheadle Home-Link.

1800 pounds  Raised in November 2012 for Cheadle Animal Welfare Society

2100 pounds   Raised in November 2013 for Home-Link

1600 pounds   Raised in March for Forsbrook Girl Guides at the JCB Club.

1400 pounds   Raised on November 15th 2014at the Guild Hall Cheadle for the 
Cheadle Animal  Wellfare Society

1400 pounds    Raised on February 28th at Alton Village Hall for Cancer research at Christies

1000 pounds    Raised on March 28th at the Guild Hall Cheadle for Home-Link.

930 pounds       Raised on Nov 28th 2015 at Alton Village Hall  - proceeds to Alton Village Hall -
   organiser  Pauline Ballard

1700 pounds   March 16th 2017 at Longsdon Village Hall for Leek NSPCC

That's over 30,000 pounds in the last 7 years. we have nbeen playing. We have been going for over 33 years and have probably raised in total over 250,000 pounds for one Charity or another. In the early days (when we were younger!!) we did many more Gigs a year. All of us are over 60   -  some being over 65, and one of us (the youngest looking one !!) is over 77!  You got it in one  - that's me (Tony)! 

GIGS in 2017

1.  Nov 18th 2017 at Cheadle Guild Hall for Cheadle
     Animal Welfare Society